Play Free Craps Online

Craps is one of the most popular games in the casino, and it is played in homes and other venues, as well. Essentially, it requires players to guess the outcome of one or more rolls of two dice, but the bets themselves, and the mechanics of the game, can be a little complicated at first. Free online craps provides players with the opportunity to learn about the game and practice their skills before they even spend a single dime. Later, should the player choose to play for real money, he or she only needs to change a simple setting.

Craps Basics

In getting started, the person who is rolling the dice (known as the shooter) will throw a pair of dice onto a craps table. The result of this initial roll may be one of three things: the shooter may win, lose or continue the game. If the shooter wins or loses, then the game is over. However, if the game continues, then the shooter, and the players who are wagering upon the shooter, will be required to place one of several craps bets on what they believe the outcome of the next roll will be.

Pass and Don't Pass Bets

Beginners who are only learning how to play free online craps will often stick with what are known as the Pass and Don't Pass bets. Essentially, these state that if the player is successful in obtaining a seven or 11, the shooter will win money. If the result of the first roll is a two, three or 12, then the shooter loses. If the result is anything other than these scores, then the game will continue and a Pass or Don't Pass bet becomes an option. These pay out even money and are therefore regarded as 'safe' bets for beginning players.


The primary reason why players will choose to play free craps online is because it will allow them to practice the game without fear of losing their money. They may be provided with free credits as opposed to cash, and any winnings are also paid out in credits. When playing for free, there are no real cash prizes. These craps games online allow players to learn about the various bets, put the odds to use in a real-life setting, and even develop strategies when it comes to placing wagers on each roll of the dice.

Finding Free Craps

Most of the well-known casinos in the world offer their gaming suites in both free and paid versions. Gamblers can download this software to their computers, but they can also choose to play within their browsers if they do not want to clog up their hard drives. In most cases, after logging in, the player will need to choose whether he or she wants to play for free or for real money. Of course, in order to play for real money, the player will need to make a deposit.

In Conclusion

Free online craps is a great way for people to pass the time, learn the game and get comfortable with the various bets that can be placed. Anyone with a computer, smartphone or tablet can find a free craps game as long as they have access to an internet connection.