Easy Peasey' Keno With No Obligation

Keno is a game that is quite similar to the lottery or bingo. Canadians will find free keno online at several different sites. These keno games online provide players with a chance to try out the game before depositing any real money. The game consists of choosing numbers in the hope that some or all of the numbers will match some or all of the numbers that are randomly drawn. This is an extremely passive title that can be played while doing other things.

Where to Play

While the title itself is starting to decline in popularity in many brick and mortar casinos, it can still be found online at most Canadian casinos. Some of the best places to play free keno online as well as other casino games include Club World, Bovada, Aladdin's Gold, and Slots Plus. There are several other sites that offer this title, as well. When choosing a place to play, make sure to read reviews to make sure that the site is reputable before downloading it onto your device.


Gameplay is really quite simple. You just have to decide how many numbers that you want to play and how often you want to play them. Free keno online is typically played rather quickly resulting in several rounds being completed within an hour. The specifics for the title will vary from site to site. Typically, players will have the option of wagering on just one number or up to 20. During each subsequent round, there are 20 numbers drawn from 1 to 80. This means that the odds of hitting every number go down based on how many are chosen.


When playing on a computer or mobile device, you will typically only be allowed to choose up to 15 numbers. Speed is important in this version of the popular casino classic. There are no waiting periods in internet play as there are in regular live play. Players can easily make the choice to wager the same numbers several times in a row. If you do not care what numbers you wager on there are some venues that provide you with the option to randomly pick 10 numbers for each round. Some casinos offer visual enhancements to the titles, as well.


While some players may disagree, when it comes down to it there is not a lot of skill needed to play this title. There is not a lot of strategy that can help when it comes to keno, either. Just like the lottery, this is a game of pure chance. Players can pick whatever numbers that they want and hope for the best. When it comes down to it, you can choose to pick more numbers as a way to go for the higher wins or to pick fewer numbers to try and gain more play time out of a smaller bankroll.