Staking Methods

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Staking plans or staking methods are used by some players of wager required games to make their existing profitable betting scheme to a better and larger one. Staking methods also allow players to improve their rewards and income after they have made several losses on other methods.

There are a lot of available staking methods in the gaming industry today. These methods differ on the possible profit or gain it may give to its players depending on their made stakes. To know more on these different betting methods, here's a list of the common plans the players use:

Bet Everything

This method is a common practice among non-professional gamers. On this technique, players place their maximum wagers on a game without strategizing on their wager placements. It is either the player win or lose big. This method is considered as the worst staking practice today, hence, it is still used by other gamers.


Martingale staking method involves doubling a wager to cope up with the player's losses. Players who usually use this technique continuously double their wagers until they hit a jackpot or a winner. This method is considered as risky as the first method because it doesn't guarantee the players enough winnings which will compensate on their losses. As what some has regarded, Martingale is a "financial suicide" method.

Loss Recovery

This staking style is also considered as one of the worst betting methods in the market because players plan to recover their total amount of losses by adding it to their target winnings. This style is risky especially when a player bumps into a losing streak, which is a common happening on several gaming platforms. The longer the player's losing streak, the larger amount of winnings he or she should target. A player may eventually quit the game without recovering his or her losses because of either the stakes are too high or the player runs out of money to wager.

Percentage of Bank

This staking method involves a player's bank equally divided into fixed percentages on every selection of stakes. This method is somehow acceptable because of the equal dissemination of stake percentages. However, the only problem with this strategy is that stake on winners gets the smallest wager percentage, while the stake on losers gets the highest percentage.

Low-risk, high-reward method

This staking act is considered as the most recommended method for players to use when planning for their stakes. This strategy is useful among players because it only consumes very small amount of stakes.

Overall, players are advised to use a staking method which can preserve their bank as they continue betting on other games. It is best for a player to gauge which strategy he or she will use to get a better outcome and larger revenues.